Here’s How To Make Your Own Coconut Oil!

Here’s How To Make Your Own Coconut Oil!

Here’s How To Make Your Own Coconut Oil!

Just recently, studies in Spain have confirmed that consuming a tablespoon of coconut oil daily, helps to lose weight, and contributes to cardiovascular health. Today we want to show you how to make coconut oils in your own home, so you can save and have at your fingertips this powerful ingredient.

The Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Health

The study included people aged 55 to 69 years. All of them had hypertension. In addition, all people consumed cholesterol-lowering medications.

In the first 3 months of research, 136 participants were on a standard diet. Only 116 people had the ability to comply to the letter, with the diet plan. At the same time, they were divided into two groups. One of the groups, infused for another three months, a spoonful of coconut oil daily.

After the established time, the following differences could be established between the group that consumed coconut oils daily, and the one that did not:

People who drank coconut oils lost 2 pounds overweight, compared with people who did not consume the ingredient.
These people also experienced a reduction in waist size, 1 inch, compared with the other group.
The perimeter of the neck, decreased by 2 inches, in the legs of the very first group.
Blood pressure was reduced by 3.5 points.
Good cholesterol levels increased in people in the group who consumed coconut oil daily.
In addition to all this, another series of studies conducted in the US, showed the fantastic benefits of coconut oil, when it comes to fighting the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

Let’s see now, how to make homemade coconut oil.

How To Make Coconut Oil At Home:

Make coconut oil house, it is extremely simple. With this incredible recipe, you can save more money and have this fantastic product at home.


2 whole coconuts
5 liters of filtered water

Shred the coconuts, then add the water.
Knead gently with your hands, to draw out the milk, little by little.
Bake the milk with a cotton cloth.
Add the preparation in a pot, and store in the fridge for 24 hours.
After the set time, you will notice how a solid part has formed.
Remove the solid part, and bring to the heatnuntil it melts.
Once the preparation has melted, filter and extract the coconut oil.
Store the preparation in a well-covered glass jar in the fridge.
As you may have seen, making coconut oil is very simple. By keeping it in the refrigerator, your coconut oil will last for almost a year.


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