The Hidden Dangers Of Air-Conditioned Rooms! Here’s What You Should Know!

The Hidden Dangers Of Air-Conditioned Rooms! Here’s What You Should Know!

The Hidden Dangers Of Air-Conditioned Rooms! Here’s What You Should Know!

Air conditioners are very common today however they can be as frightening. Most of us today sit in an air-conditioned space for work purposes and even our homes are air-conditioned especially during summer. We use air conditioners during the entire year since many ACs can be used for heating the room space and warming it up.

It can be very helpful to sit under the AC the whole day, especially when the weather outside can be hell hot and unbearable. However, air-conditioning can be very harmful especially if we spend a long time in one room, like say 8 hours for a work shift.

The hidden dangers of Air-conditioned rooms

When we change environments suddenly, like going from a cooled space to a heated outside, our body goes through immediate adjustment which can be very dangerous to our health due to the fact that it can cause heat strokes, heart attacks and various others similar dangers.

The ACs dry out the air in the room and there’s no humidity, which results in improper breathing and dry skin. This is since our skin has sensors that are temperature sensitive and it reacts to the conditions of our environment. It also leads to chronic headaches, fatigues and even constant mucous membrane irritation.

Other disadvantage is that air conditions can increase the risk of some health problems like low blood pressure, neuritis, arthritis and pain in general. This can also be the result of switching different temperatures as mentioned before.

No matter how we adjust the temperatures, our bodies go through a lot of stress and it can be damaging on many levels. Even simple car rides with the AC on, will only boost the bacteria and many germs and micro-organism.

Heat waves are so dangerous that they have resulted in around 400 deaths each summer. However, spending 8 hours a day, a minimum of 5 day a week, in an air-conditioned room can really threaten your overall health, both slowly and suddenly. You can feel the effects on your body and from simple coughs and flues.

So next time try to change your position and office space as much as you can during the day and try using humidifiers in air-conditioned rooms to replenish the humidity of the air. You can also add some essential oils, or just use pure water.


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