Protect Yourself From Cell Phone Radiation With Rosemary!

Protect Yourself From Cell Phone Radiation With Rosemary!

Protect Yourself From Cell Phone Radiation With Rosemary!

It is a well-known fact that using cell phones exposes us to unhealthy levels of radiation. Nevertheless, few of us know about the dangers associated with such high levels of radiation. When built up over time, radiation exposure can even lead to cancer, weakened immune system, and DNA damage, which interferes with protein production and cell growth. Back in 2011, cell phone radiation was classified as “possible human carcinogen” by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

Several studies have shown that smart phone radiation tends to change and damage DNA very rapidly. According to a 6-year industry study, human blood exposure to phone radiation led to 300 % boost in genetic damage in micronuclei, which goes to show that cell phone radiation is even higher health threat than asbestos and smoking.

Radiation Health Dangers

George Carlo, PhD, JD, is an epidemiologist and medical scientist who conducted the first telecommunications industry-backed studies into the risks associated with cell phone usage. This program is the largest in the history of the issue, however this man managed to reveal the preventable health hazards related to cell phone use.

The amount of time spent on the phone does not matter, according to Dr. Carlo, since the danger mechanism is stimulated within seconds.

Here are some of the radiation health dangers Dr. Carlo’ s program has revealed:

Chronic stress
Heart palpitations
Chronic fatigue
Memory problems
Digestion issues
The greatest problem regarding electromagnetic radiation (EMR) produced by cell phones is that multiple studies have associated it with the development of genetic damage and brain tumors. Regrettably, the public is ignorant of the dangers and the media keeps revealing new studies suggesting that cell phones are safe to use.

Dr. Carlo was determined in his choice to prove this wrong, although he soon found that all the parties involved had underlying motives.
“The industry wanted an insurance policy and to have the government come out and say everything was fine. The FDA, which looked bad since it didn’t require pre-market screening, could be seen as taking steps to remedy that. By ordering the study, law makers appeared to be doing something. Everyone had a chance to wear a white hat,” he explains.

Protect Yourself From Cell phone Radiation With Rosemary

The good news is that radiation can be eliminated from the body through numerous natural methods, such as rosemary and rosemary essential oil, both which contain potent antioxidant properties against radiation damage.

Back in 2009, the British Journal of Radiology discovered that carnosol and carnosic acid present in rosemary ” provide highly significant protective anti-mutagenic activity “. Rosmarinic acid works as a photoprotector by feeding on the free radicals and destroying them as well as by functioning as an endogenous defense mechanism. It was found that the solution of toxin production was substantially slowed down by the use of rosmarinic acid and the protective factors were up to 3.34 times higher compared to the other compounds studied in the micronucleus testing.

How To Use It:

Make rosemary tea


2 cups boiled water
2-3 tsp rosemary leaves, finely chopped

Pour the boiled water over the chopped rosemary
Let it steep for a few minutes


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