Tabata Torture + Full Body Strength Training

Tabata Torture + Full Body Strength Training

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Workout Breakdown:

Warmup: 50:10
1) Jumping Jacks
2) 3 way lunges
3) squat and twist
4) bird-dog
5) glute bridge

Tabata #1:
-1 frog jump, 2 plank jacks w/ shoulder taps
-ATW vertical hops

Upper Body Strength Circuit (3 Rounds)
1) Scorpion Pushups (10 reps)
2) Army Press (10 reps)
3) SA KB Swing (20 reps total)
4) Band Pull Apart ( 12 reps)

Tabata #2
-Bench dips
-Tricep burpees

Lower Body Strength Circuit (3 Rounds)
1) Pause Squats (12 reps)
2) SL Box Squat into Front Lunge (8 reps per leg)
3) Hamstring Curl (12 reps)
4) Lateral Banded Walk – AMRAP

Tabata #3
-elevated plank glute raise
-4x squat jump, 4x switch lunge

Core Finisher (2 Rounds)
Double Bicep Burpees (5 reps)
Get ups (10 Reps)
Banded Bird-Dog w/ fire hydrant (10 reps per leg)

Full body stretch included at the end (about 13 minutes)


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