Natural Remedies That Can Help You Treat Burns At Home!

Natural Remedies That Can Help You Treat Burns At Home!

Natural Remedies That Can Help You Treat Burns At Home!

We have all burned ourselves at some point in our life, particularly in the kitchen. In other words, burns are pretty much a part of our childhood and adult life.

Some people still have the scar of the childhood burn even today, while others that have taken early precautions then, like applying toothpaste, wouldn’t have helped them prevent the painful blisters at the burnt area. Thus, home remedies for burns are an important thing that you should be familiar with.

So, in this short article we will show you some very effective natural remedies which will help you heal the burns in no time.
Baking Soda
In order to dissipate the pain immediately, just mix some baking soda with water. When you prepare the paste, apply it onto the burnt area, allow it to dry and then rinse it off.
Tea Bags
Simply put 2-3 bags under a spout of cold water and after that use the liquid. Another alternative is to make a stay-in-place poultice using 2-3 damp tea bags if you’re on the go. Make sure to use black tea because the tannic acid consisted of in it reduces the pain immediately. The tannic acid in black tea helps draw heat from the burnt area.

Vinegar works as an astringent and antiseptic on small burns and helps prevent infection. All you need to do is to soak a cotton ball in vinegar and apply it onto the burn. Another solution is to do a compress soaked vinegar and water. This will help you prevent infection considering that it will kill the prospective pathogens and the burn will heal much quicker.

Banana peels
In some cases, placing a banana peel on the burned area of the skin till it becomes black has proved beneficial for burn injuries.

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is fantastic for healing and soothing burns. Its gel is the best solution for burns since it has soothing and rejuvenating properties. Also, besides healing the pain, it does not allow scarring of the skin.


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