SCIENTISTS WANT TO BAN GLITTER!! The best day of my life!

SCIENTISTS WANT TO BAN GLITTER!! The best day of my life!

Yo zombaes sup! This is a little parody of my reaction to the articles about scientists calling for a global ban on glitter aka the best day of my life. You heard em though, we better get rid of it all! What a shame.

Some of the real articles coming out about this:

You already know her I’m sure but here’s Gabbie’s channel! Thanks for being my lil enthusiastic march buddy!

Before the internet goes nuts:
-I do actually think we need to do something about microplastics getting into the oceans, biodegradable glitter is something we can start with. Here’s a link to a bunch:
-not hitting at any one political side in particular
– and filmed before the Melanie Martinez news so the ‘glitter is over party’ was not meant to make fun of a hashtag currently being used for a very serious matter- it was used for all the times in the past that hashtag was used for something light


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