List Of Superfoods That Can Help You Prevent Chronic Fatigue And Boost Your Mood!

List Of Superfoods That Can Help You Prevent Chronic Fatigue And Boost Your Mood!

List Of Superfoods That Can Help You Prevent Chronic Fatigue And Boost Your Mood!

It has always been believed that there are herbs that have the ability to provide relaxation for your nervous system, such as Minty Motherwort, St. John’s Wort, and Kava Kava. Turkey and milk are thought to make you sleep, and cigarettes and coffee, on the other hand, to boost your energy.

Chocolate and oysters are aphrodisiacs, and the salicylates contained in numerous fruits and Aspirin can make you upset and angry.

The hectic lifestyles of today start with a cup of coffee for waking us up, a donut while going to work for some energy, a pizza slice or a cold sandwich for lunch and a bad meal and a glass of sleep prior to going to better in order to calm us down. We are all familiar with the fact that if we don’t follow a healthy diet and if we don’t exercise, we can’t have a strong body, energy, or good health in general.

It is a fact that if we eat healthy foods such as fresh vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, seeds, nuts, whole grains, and legumes, our bodies are going to take the advantages from them and succeed in maintaining healthy cells, balancing the neurotransmitters in the brain, as well as maintaining the levels of blood glucose.

If we balance the serotonin levels in the brain and we eat to keep our bodies non-responsive and calm, an even state of mind is guaranteed, as well as a happy family, and an overall sensation of well-being and peace. In order to acquire this you have to start consuming the following:
1. Omega Fatty Acids
They are contained in walnuts and almonds, fatty fish such as tuna and salmon, seeds such as flaxseed and chia, as well as eggs. The previously listed foods offer mood boosting neurotransmitters that can help keep you feeling happy and alert. You can likewise try to rub a piece of salmon with some fresh olive oil and press it into a mixture of black and white sesame seeds, prior to broiling or barbecuing in order to get better results.
2. Soluble Fiber
Beans, oatmeal, grains, and fruits contain this soluble fiber that maintains the health of the gastrointestinal system and provides you with a feeling of satiety for longer periods of time. You can add some ground flaxseeds or raisins to your oatmeal in the mornings to get some additional fiber.

3. Tea with Anti-oxidants
Try avoiding caffeine and coffee and drink larger amounts of anti-oxidant tea that is going to offer you a lift while the contained anti-oxidants can prevent the negative effects of attrition and aging.

4. Getting your Ds
Several studies have demonstrated that the exposure to sun is of key importance when it comes to living a long, healthy and happy life. Vitamin D increases the serotonin levels, which is one of the crucial neurotransmitters that influence our mood.

Getting a fifteen-minute unprotected sun exposure on a daily basis, or consuming foods abundant in vitamin D such as mackerel, tuna and canned salmon are remarkable methods for obtaining more vitamin D. You can likewise drink a glass of fortified soy milk or just organic milk on a daily basis.

5. Getting your Bs
B vitamins are essential for maintaining a healthy nervous system, vitamin B12 and Folic acid in particular, which aid the production of the relaxing neurotransmitters that keep you feeling happy. Consume one cup of beans or lentils, one cup of quinoa, or some broccoli or spinach in order to get a healthy and happy dose of relaxing folate, as well as of the fiber and protein required to feel full during the day.

You need to be aware of the fact that the consumption of the aforementioned foods by themselves isn’t going to better your mood. You should try doing some exercises and you are going to feel more energized and you are going to have an increased feeling of well-being that comes from the deeper and natural balance within your body.


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