VACATION WORKOUT // Brutal Bodyweight Cardio HILL CLIMB!!

VACATION WORKOUT // Brutal Bodyweight Cardio HILL CLIMB!!

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Workout Breakdown:

Part 1: (50:10)
1) Jumping Jacks
2) ATW Lunges
3) Glute bridge
4) Bird-Dog
5) Curtsy lunge plus kick (right leg)
6) Shoulder taps
7) Curtsy lunge plus kick (left leg)
8) pushup into side plank
9)Step up, knee up, lunge back (alternate sides)
10) sumo squat plus squat jump

Part 2: (50:10) Repeat 2x
1) Power step-up, plyo lunge (right leg)
2) plank step overs
3) power step-up, plyo lunge (left leg)
4) elevated plank knee tuck combo
5) prisoner squat JJ
6) Plank hop + pop squat

Part 3: Tabata (20:10 for 4 min)
ATW vertical hops // Bulgarian w/ plyo Bulgarian

Part 4: (30:10) (1 round)
1) 3 pushups, 1 tuck jump
2) high knees
3) plank jack shoulder taps
4) squat jumps
5) commando plank with oblique knee tucks
6) star jumps


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