Rubbing Your Eyes: Harmless Habit That Is More Dangerous Than You Think!

Rubbing Your Eyes: Harmless Habit That Is More Dangerous Than You Think!

Rubbing Your Eyes: Harmless Habit That Is More Dangerous Than You Think!

We have all rubbed our eyes at some point in our lives, either due to the fact that it irritates us, it gives us itching or because rubbish entered in the eye.

As a result of that rubbing, we experience a pleasant feeling and we also get a relief for the itching. Nevertheless, the truth is that we are doing wrong and we do a lot more harm to our eye since rubbing can trigger severe effects in our eyes, such as deform the cornea.

In this article we will present you some things that can happen if you rub your eyes, so make sure to remember that and avoid rubbing your eyes.

Watch out! Do not rub the eye

#1. Distort the cornea of the eye

Numerous vision issues are triggered by the shape of the cornea. You should know that rubbing your eye will not just slim however also it will deform it until it looks like a cone or significantly reduces vision. This means that if you have performed laser surgery, the success of your new vision is maintained, and you should not rub your eyes.
#2. Aging your face

Do not rub your eyes if you are a conceited person, because in this area of the body, the skin is very thin and delicate, so it wrinkles more easily.

#3. Purpling your eyes

Blood vessels can also get injured depending on the force with which you rub your eyes, and as a result it will cause a deep red, so be cautious.

#4. Cause infections

More than 150 bacteria and bacteria live in your hands, so when in contact with your eyes, they can enter easily and can cause sty or conjunctivitis.

#5. Injure eye

If you rub your eyes, you can scratch the cornea given that it is very fragile membrane, and in the worst cases, you may need a corneal transplant.

#6. It can become an addiction

As soon as you start, you cannot stop rubbing which causes an addiction and the more you do the even worse it is. After too much rubbing, you will feel bloated and dry eye.

Rubbing the eyes is a common habit among people, but there are consequences like these so we advise you to avoid that.


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