Health Experts Are Warning People To Stop Eating Tilapia!

Health Experts Are Warning People To Stop Eating Tilapia!

Health Experts Are Warning People To Stop Eating Tilapia!

Health experts constantly advise us to increase the fish intake in our diet, because fish meat is easy to digest and includes fatty omega acids that are considered very helpful for the body. Nevertheless, not all fish meet this criterion. Namely, tilapia in particular, is a far cry from any regular fish that you would eat.

It is a white fish, mild in taste, incredibly cheap to breed and obviously sells amazingly, probably due to its low price. Tilapia is easy to prepare, and as it is boneless and skinless, many people really enjoy in its consumption.

Nevertheless, its intake is at times a seriously problematic issue. Namely, most of the Tilapia is not grown in natural conditions, but is cultivated in factory farms instead. In opposite to Wild Tilapia which consumes algae and plants, the tilapia we purchase in stores originates from factory farms, where it consumes different sorts of feeds and fertilizers.
Furthermore, fish farms can use a whole lot of chemicals to keep Tilapia alive and breed them. Factory farm- breed Tilapia is usually fed a diet of corn and soy which is available in big amounts, thus making tilapia breeding a cost effective exercise.

Since a lot of chemicals are used during their farming, these same damaging substances can wind up in our body when we consume this fish. Farm reproduced fish do not supply the necessary nutrients one usually gets from consuming fish.

As a result, the use of farm-bred tilapia can cause many damaging impacts to the body, like coronary disease, asthma and joint inflammation. Farm bred tilapia even contains a cancer- causing agent, called Carcinogenic.

For that reason, if you want to keep your good health and avoid potential detrimental effects, you should remove tilapia from your regular diet, as it brings more harm than benefit to your body.


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