Remove All Toxins From Body In 3 Days: A Method That Prevents Cancer, Removes Fat And Excess Water!

Remove All Toxins From Body In 3 Days: A Method That Prevents Cancer, Removes Fat And Excess Water!

Remove All Toxins From The Body In 3 Days: A Method That Prevents Cancer, Removes Fat And Excess Water!!

We are all aware how harmful and unhealthy processed foods are, nevertheless we can’t avoid them entirely. In order to avoid the negative effects of processed foods as well as to detox your body you should try the following 3-day cleansing treatment. It will also change your diet and help you become healthier.

Two days before you start with the treatment, you should stop consuming dairy products, as they are slowly digested and can prevent the cleansing treatment. Before you start cleansing your lungs, your body should be clean from contaminants found in dairy products.

The night before you begin with the cleaning method, you should drink 1 cup of herbal laxative (e.g. Black Forest) tea, as it will help in cleaning the intestines from toxins that can cause constipation.


The next morning, prepare a drink with lemon juice from 2 whole lemons and a ½ cup of water and drink it before breakfast. This will help in digestion of effective alkaline foods which, on the other hand, will help your lungs to regrow.
Then, you need to drink 1.5 cup of grapefruit juice when you consume your breakfast. If you do not like the taste of this juice, you may replace it with pineapple juice or dilute it with fresh water. Both these juices, grapefruit and pineapple juice, are rich in anti-oxidants that keep the health of your breathing system.

Furthermore, between your breakfast and your lunch, drink 1 to 1.5 of pure carrot juice. This juice will help in alkalizing your blood during the detoxing treatment. Carrots are helpful for the breathing system, given that they are rich in beta-carotene which the body turns into vitamin A.

Next, prepare a juice rich in potassium, by squeezing celery, parsley, sea greens, carrots and spinach. Drink 1.5 cups of potassium juice with your lunch, as potassium is effective antioxidant which is terrific for cleaning the body, especially if consumed as a liquid. Also, you can replace this juice with pure Noni juice combined with one cup of water. You can purchase Noni juice in healthy food stores.

In the evening, drink 1 cup of mucus-cleansing tea an hour before dinner. This tea is abundant in ginger, rose hips and peppermint, which are fantastic against mucous build up, stuffy nose and blockage. You can also find this tea in supermarkets and healthy food stores.

Afterwards, before going to bed, drink 340ml of pure cranberry juice. The cranberry juice helps against bacteria in the lungs which can cause infection. Cranberries are potent anti-oxidants, which are exceptionally beneficial for your blood and urine.

The treatment is the same during the 3-day treatment. The results will be amazing: removed toxins, fat and water, clean lungs and completely cleansed body!


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