Drinking 3 Glasses Of Green Tea A Day Can Positively Affect Your Body! Here’s How!

Drinking 3 Glasses Of Green Tea A Day Can Positively Affect Your Body! Here’s How!

Drinking 3 Glasses Of Green Tea A Day Can Positively Affect Your Body! Here’s How!

A teenage girl from England was experiencing problems with lightheadedness, nausea, and body pains, and after consulting her doctor she was prescribed some antibiotics for treating a urinary tract infection. She took two dosages of the medicines, however was feeling even sicker, therefore she hurried to the emergency room at the local hospital.

The whites of her eyes and her skin were turning yellow, which is a clear symptom of jaundice. Her condition was regarded serious at this point and she required urgent attention. She was thought to have liver illness because her liver was swollen and inflamed.

Hence, they were confused about what could have triggered the development of this condition, therefore they examined the circumstances that made her seek medical attention. They were told quite a shocking story.

The sixteen-year old girl said that she hadn’t traveled anywhere abroad in recent times, nor had she taken any illegal drugs, and hadn’t drunk alcohol. Moreover, she said that she had never had a blood transfusion. After she answered a few other questions, the doctors discovered that she had had two boxes of green tea shipped from China and she had in fact been drinking three cups of it every day.
The reason why she purchased it was that she thought that it is going to aid her lose weight, as well as control her appetite.

She wasn’t able to read or understand the instructions because they were in Chinese, therefore she didn’t have a clue what she was consuming. The doctors got a sample from the tea and tested it. As soon as the results came she was told to stop consuming it at that very moment.
The tests showed that the tea had a Camellia sinesis present, which is a type of evergreen shrub whose leaves and leaf buds are used in the preparation of various types of tea, green tea included. The ingredient was the primary cause that led to the condition from which the girl was suffering and has in fact been associated with hepatitis and liver damage in women who have the habit of using green tea supplements and extracts.

Patients in certain cases experienced serious liver damage and ended up needing transplants, leading to even death. There is a big possibility that other chemical substances have likewise been added in order to give more powerful weight-loss effects.

This teenager’s case, as it was written in the journal BMJ Case Reports by the doctors, states that there is a possibility for pesticide-induced liver illness, particularly due to less regulated products bought from developing countries from the internet.

Customers cannot be certain about the quality, nor about the integrity of any type of tea, they order from foreign countries. They are recommended to be extremely careful and cautious when doing so and should likewise prevent it altogether.

Fortunately, the girl got better rapidly and two months after she stopped consuming the green tea her liver started functioning normally again. Her case is used by doctors in order to emphasize that the excessive consumption of green tea can cause liver disease and a numerous varieties of this diseases that usually guarantee weight loss due to the fact that it contains harmful substances, pesticides included.

If you are consuming green tea, make certain that the brand is well-known to you and try limiting the consumption to a safe amount.


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