DJI – Captured by You: The Wilderness

DJI - Captured by You: The Wilderness

When it comes to capturing the subject in its natural state, nothing comes close to wildlife photography. Traditionally, professionals and enthusiasts must blend into an animal’s environment to get the perfect shot. However, the DJI Phantom drone has completely revolutionized the industry, allowing photographers to follow wild animals across land, sea, and air with incredible closeness, revealing the beauty of nature like never before. Take a look at some of the best that the earth’s creatures have to offer with this collection of images captured by you.

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This video would not have been possible without these contributors:

• Mike Bishop (
• Karim Iliya (
• Forest Bakker (
• Kjell Redal (
• Christian Herzog (
• Pat Kay (
• Roie Galitz (
• Gunnar Freyr (
• Mike Korostelev (
• 陈靖文 (
• Piotr Parzybok (
• Florian Ledoux (
• 林晓麟 (
• Mauro Pagliai (
• Anders Carlson (
• Jaimen Hudson (
• Brendan Carberry (
• James SanJuan (
• Hassan Saeed Siddiqui (
• Antonio Souza (
• Satori Factory (

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