DJI Captured by You – Life in Action

DJI Captured by You - Life in Action

DJI’s iconic series of Phantom drones have inspired pilots from all over the world, helping them capture and document their adventures from mountain biking, skiing, wind-surfing, and slacklining. Watch this adventure montage, get your pulse running, and experience the real power of a Phantom.

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This video would not have been possible without these contributors:

Chris Jordan
Sam Greenfield
Robin Greffier
Forest Bakker
Eliott Bakker
Uros Podlogar
Guy Alexander
Satori Factory
Mike Bishop
Karim Iliya
Bruce Christianson
Christoph Oberschneider
Lorenz Holder
Antonio Souza
Mumbo Vlogs
Mateo Marcin
David Etienne
Scott Smith

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